Presentations and Workshops


  • Leading with perspective

  • Coming to work with the right mindset

  • Seeking excellence at work and life

  • Always on the clock: the heart of successful business

  • Stress management: identifying what's important and finding balance


  • Moving your chair outside your comfort zone

  • Hearing and valuing the hidden voices

  • Writing your autobiography every day

  • Eight minutes of compassion


  • Finding what's important; doing what's important

  • Strategies for planning who you want to be...and then following through

  • Education first athletics

  • The purposeful approach to leading others


  • Instruct in all areas of leadership

  • Share pragmatic strategies for demonstrating leadership, a key word on college and scholarship applications

  • Provide a binder of notes and information for continual reference

All presentations and workshops are

catered to your group.

 “Leadership institute has been an amazing tool in my life, in all areas: sports, academics, and life in general. My biggest takeaway that I think about every single day is having a purpose every day, and considering that purpose when I do anything. It also reinforced my belief in constantly maintaining a positive perspective on life. I think that most high school students would enormously benefit from taking a class like this. It would change their lives and the lives of those around them in a positive way.”

Parker Lee, Student

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