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Pepperoni and compassion

Just like pizza which comes in many styles with many toppings…and tastes good no matter what…compassion, even in the smallest forms, can have a huge effect on people.

What are some simple ways we can show compassion daily?

1. If you’re dining out and your server is excellent, not only compliment the server but also ask to see the manager and pass that compliment along.

2. Send a text of positive encouragement to a different person every day.

3. Know someone who is busy or for whom getting out is difficult? Give them a quick call with the question, “Can I pick something up for you?”

4. Help others see the positive in their circumstances.

5. Thank someone who is making a difference: a police officer, a teacher, an enthusiastic retail clerk, a member of the clergy, someone in your family.

6. Send a card.

7. Listen without interrupting. Attentively. Being fully present.

8. Greet people who come into your office with kindness. You might be the only positive moment in their day.

9. Be kind to yourself by creating a gratitude journal and writing down five small things you feel grateful for each day.

10. Remember, and show others, that no act of compassion is “small.” All compassion makes a difference in our world.

Could I order a pepperoni pizza with a small side of compassion, please? 😊

Is this blog helpful as you grow and influence the world around you? Could I be helpful to you, your business, or your organization? If so, please contact me at 812-350-6281 or

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