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Sam and the Windows

My student Sam asked, “If you are a window washer, do you see your purpose as cleaning windows or is your purpose to help others see clearly?” As I’ve worked with people from a

ll types of businesses, I’ve found that in spite of the differences of their work, they all have one thing in common: At the end of the day they all want to know that their day was valuable.

Often the key to feeling valuable is the ability to keep a positive perspective about your work and what it is doing for you and for others. Reframing your “work” into “purpose” helps you recognize the value of what you do daily.

Here are ways in which some of my clients have chosen to recognize the value of their day by focusing on their purpose:

· Window washer: Helping others see clearly (Sam’s observation)

· Worker on an engine assembly line: Helping create safe and reliable vehicles for people and their families

· Dental hygienist: Creating better health while overcoming fears

· Retail clerk: Providing people positive energy

· ICU physician: Offering clarity and comfort during people’s most difficult times

· Student: Taking control of my education and my future

On your difficult days remind yourself of your purpose, and the journey of growth that you are on, to make a difference for yourself and for others.

In the Land of Interrogative Pronouns, this means focusing on not the “what” but the “why.”

Can this perspective help you as you go about your daily tasks? If it does, could you please let me know so I can use your experience to encourage others? Please contact me at

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