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What days do you want to waste?

Time is finite. Its steady and relentless movement is out of our control. But we know that our level of life fulfillment is accelerated when we let go of the things we can’t control. And we can control three things:

1. Being aware of the value of time

2. Knowing what is most important in our lives

3. Deciding to commit to using our time for the things that are most valuable to us

Becoming a seven/sevenths person is a key to leading a fulfilling life and to making a difference in the lives of others.

How do live this seven/sevenths life?

1. Recognize the subliminal influence of the noisy world around us, one that encourages us to “survive” the weekdays and “rejoice” for the weekends.

2. Internalize the value of what you do every day, how it makes a contribution to your life and to the lives of others.

3. See yourself as a work in progress: I have a lot of growing I want to do, and I need seven days a week to make that happen.

4. Separate your “to do” list from your mission. The list will always be there even when things don’t get done. Your mission is what you need a seven-day week to advance.

5. Take pride in using your time; be distinctively different from most people around you. “I will not give in to those who are trying to tell me how to picture my life!”

“24 hours in a day is enough time for successful people.”

Use your time. Every day.

If the ideas in this blog are helpful to you, please let me know. If I could benefit your business, group, or organization, contact me at

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