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Calling Upon Your Legacy

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

When my wife Amy saw me today, she said, "Hey, you're wearing your dad's shirt." For this, it kind of had two meanings. It had one meaning like, I'm wearing a shirt that only a dad might wear. It's my Peanut shirt. The bigger meaning however, is I'm wearing my dad's shirt. This was my father's shirt. 

My father's been gone about six and a half years now. Periodically, on days where I'm especially thinking about him on days when I miss him, I like to put on his shirt.  The shirt is comforting for me to just feel that closeness and think about all the things that he taught me and left me, including things like this that have become so important now that he's gone.

I'm thinking today about legacy. I'm thinking about all the people that have left things for us, a part of who we are, tangible things and certainly a lot of intangible things, and how many times we try to go it alone. We try to tough our way through problems when actually we've had a lot of people from our past and from our present even that have contributed to what we know and how we can solve and work through things.

That's my challenge for us today.  Think about the legacy others have given us. Is there a way those things that we have learned can help us work through our lives today? 

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